Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This is me!

I'd forgotten my sister wrote this: Correspondence From My Sister.

Is this a smarmy way to get out of writing a new article - pointing to words I've already written that are floating around the ancient interwebs? Yeah, probably. Come to think of it, my sister was probably trying to get out of writing a new column when she used my emails in the first place. Must run in the family.

But I did write the words, even though the words are old words written in old emails and not originally intended to be shared with the world (all two of you who seem to have stumbled upon this almost-blog).

I'll admit to laughing when I re-read the old words. I was also transported back to the place I was then when I wrote the old words. That's the power of words for those who write them. Is it the same for the people who read them?

But lest you think my sister was all copy and paste in those days, here's a more representative sampling of her writing when the internet was young. This is my sister, Donna.

Sometimes Donna's words makes me laugh out loud. And just when I'm lulled into thinking it's all lightness and good old-fashioned story-telling frivolity, she makes me tear up just a little bit. That's a powerful combo.

Wayward. And sad. Oh yeah, and a chicken.
I don't know if or how she's writing these days. I wish she would write more. (Maybe all two of you could encourage her by clamoring for more!)

Pay attention to what you write and where you write it. Forgotten words have a way of coming home to roost. Like wayward chickens.


  1. Sharon's clamor doesn't count. She clamors on request. Her clamor is bogus.

    We *were* good, weren't we?

    Donna (Sigh . . . I will attempt again to provide I'm not a robot.)